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I cover mostly frontend, JAMstack, WordPress, and freelancing topics.

Thirteenth place on Eleventy Leaderboards

My site got to thirteenth place on Eleventy Leaderboards with perfect Lighthouse scores.

Zero accessibility errors

My website has been included in The WebAIM Million report for the first time and has achieved zero accessibility errors.

Reset with CSS unset

Utilizing the CSS unset keyword with inheritance in mind.

2023 lookback

2023 was the most challenging year in my career. Read how global crisis affected me and learn which technologies I have worked with.

Nightmare DX (Developer Experience): HubSpot

I had to work with HubSpot after a couple of years, and it reminded me to write this article about its nightmare developer experience.

Save MBs by converting from GIFs to videos with Cloudinary

Optimize content delivery and web performance by switching from GIFs to videos with Cloudinary, saving MBs for faster loading.

Developer’s research process

Read how I research and find possible solutions to estimate the required effort before I start developing.

Transition between pages smoothly with a single line of code

By adding a meta tag with the name ‘view-transition,’ you can enable smooth page transitions.

Announcing A Dedicated Dev

If you need a trustworthy and reliable web developer, you can subscribe to A Dedicated Dev and get web development services when you need them.

Be careful with ch units

Read more about peculiar CLS issues encountered on my site because I used system fonts, CSS ch unit, and Grammarly extension.

If you would have told me…

If you would have told me 12 years ago that I will be doing web developing for a living, I would laugh at you.

Dealing with constant rejection

For whatever reason I am being rejected, which can be a challenging and painful experience, I remain optimistic about the right opportunity.

How to measure page loading time with Performance API

This post will demonstrate how to use the Performance API to measure page loading time.

Cross-browser testing with the Microsoft Remote Desktop app

You want to test your website on a Windows machine but hate switching your computers? See how to use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to mitigate this problem.

Testing localhost on multiple devices

Learn how to test your website or web app on various devices with these tools by finding your external IP address or using third-party apps.

Five pieces of advice for more accessible websites

To improve stats for an annual accessibility report, start with these five quick wins that will make your site much more accessible.

With or without the JS framework

Is it really that unusual for a frontend developer not to use a JS framework?

My favorite VS Code extensions in 2023

Discover my favorite little VS Code extensions used in my everyday tasks.

My favorite NPM packages in 2023

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite npm packages that I use on a daily basis.

My favorite bash shortcuts in 2023

Take a look at my favorite Bash shortcuts that have saved me a ton of time.

My favorite Chrome extensions in 2023

These Chrome extensions have helped me streamline my workflow and improve my coding experience.

Extracting and using Critical CSS on my Eleventy site

This week I made some enhancements to extracting and implementing Critical CSS on my website that runs on Eleventy. Let's delve into its workings and features.

How to create dynamic OG images with serverless function using Sharp library

Improve your website's social media presence with dynamic Open Graph images. Learn how with serverless functions and Sharp in this tutorial.

Migrating to Eleventy 2.0

Last week I upgraded my Eleventy instance after using version 0.12.1 for over a year. I was determined to resolve and document all problems during the process.

Using ChatGPT to generate cover letters

Let’s say you are applying for a job and want to write a cover letter that stands out. ChatGPT could help you there, and here is how.

I browsed more than 700 websites in search of a job

I found a list of 700 remote-friendly companies and opened every link searching for a job. Read the suggestions about the Careers page and job listings.

I do HTML and CSS for a living

I have a sticker from Smashing Magazine saying, “I do CSS/HTML for a living,” and that is what I genuinely do.

2022 lookback

I reflect on my experience and achievements in the web development industry in 2022. Read my insights on the latest trends and technologies in the field.

How to create slides with HTML and CSS

Discover how to create stunning CSS-only slides with my step-by-step guide. Learn how to use advanced CSS techniques to make engaging presentations.

Why I never understood CSS-in-JS

As a CSS purist, I had questions and comments on breaking up with CSS-in-JS and documented them in a blog post.

In search of a frontend UI developer job

I am actively searching for a new job. Here are my observations about searching for a fully remote frontend UI developer job.

I am not that excited about new CSS features

Discover the reasons why I am not overly enthusiastic about the new CSS features in this thought-provoking article.

How do I explain to my friends what I do?

My friends, who don't code, sometimes ask me what I do for a living, and I usually answer that I build websites.

Website analytics with Netlify Functions and Google Sheets

I gave up on analytics on my site a long time ago, but I was interested to see if anyone visits my site these days, so I built my own simple analytics.

In search of a CSS developer job

Discover the unsuccessful journey of finding a CSS developer job on Twitter, search engines, LinkedIn, job boards, and company pages.

About roles in the front-end development department

Recently I figured that I’m going to call myself a website developer, emphasizing website heavily. It is because all other terms are somewhat vague. Here's why.

How long did it take you to get comfortable with coding?

Getting comfortable with coding is definitively tricky and individual. It took me several years to get comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

How to make a “Raise the Curtains” effect in CSS

CSS Tricks
Learn how to create a visually stunning "raise the curtains" effect while scrolling over a sticky element in this step-by-step guide.

The CSS from-font value explained in 4 demos

CSS Tricks
I found the CSS from-font value for the text-decoration-thickness property. I did a little research what I found (and learned) is interesting.

FormData doesn’t include disabled fieldsets

Discover the issue with form data and disabled fieldset elements in this comprehensive article. Learn how to effectively handle form data in web dev projects.

2021 lookback

Discover my journey in web development and my reflections on the past year with my 2021 lookback article.

In defense of CSS

Discover why CSS is a crucial aspect of web deve and why it deserves more recognition. Read my defense of CSS and its importance in creating modern websites.

How I learn things after 10 years

Amazed by experienced web professionals constantly learning, I too learn but in a different manner than before.

How to build an expandable accessible gallery

Smashing Magazine
In this article, you will learn how to set up a gallery that is expandable as well as accessible with a few tips and tricks along the way.

Using CSS Variables for reduced motion on a global scale

Learn how to use CSS Variable and prefers-reduced-motion media feature to remove or minimize animations and transitions on global scale.

Appreciation for being a web developer

I appreciate living comfortably while doing what I like and working on exciting projects with top professionals. Thank you, web development.

My fourth year of freelancing

Reflect on my journey as a freelancer in the past four years and read insights on balancing clients, personal projects and learning as a remote worker.

How to find and insert Unicode symbols in HTML

I will show you a few ways how you could find and insert the Unicode symbol in HTML (or any other file).

Nightmare DX (Developer Experience): Shopify

The first in a series about poor developer experience, this article covers Shopify and it's friendliness to developers.

You don’t need React for building websites

As I gain experience, I use less libraries/frameworks and rely on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I suggest considering doing the same.

The evolution of the design of my site

As any self-respected developer, I redesigned my site many times. I thought it would be fun to document all these designs and see the evolution.

What does “it depends” mean in web development

Discover the meaning behind "it depends" in web development and why it's often the answer to many questions in this field.

First year of UI Dev Newsletter

After the first anniversary of the UI Dev Newsletter, I wanted to share how and why I am running it. Read the whole story and get some useful links.

Tools for auditing CSS

CSS Tricks
Streamline your CSS auditing process with this developer's guide. Discover the tools you need to tackle the task effectively.

You want enabling CSS selectors, not disabling ones

Learn about the importance of using the correct CSS selector and avoid the common mistake of overwriting previous styles.

2020 lookback

Join me as I reflect on my experiences and lessons learned during 2020. Read my 2020 lookback article.

How to get sticky and full-bleed elements to play well together

CSS Tricks
I had a unique requirement the other day: to build a layout with full-bleed elements while one element stays stuck to the top.

The first year of my side project: Code Line Daily

A year since launching my side project Code Line Daily, I wanted to reintroduce the project and discuss challenges faced.

My third year of freelancing

The third year of my freelancing career has been successful thanks to honest and open communication, quality time management and support from my family.

Tips on learning web development

If you are a beginner, here are ideas about how to start learning web development, especially if you are into UI development.

A story of becoming a web developer

Let me tell you a story about Silvestar, a fellow who learned how to code, took some chances during his career and become a solid, confident web developer.

My favorite VS Code settings

These are my favorite VS Code settings: Breadcrumbs, Minimap, Saving and Formatting, Bars and Windows.

I just finished redesigning my site

Learn about my recent website redesign journey, including the challenges faced and the solutions implemented for a better user experience.

Page builders might not be a good idea

Read my thoughts and concerns about page builders and why you might think twice before you consider using it (again).

How to create a multi-step form the easy way
Transform your long form into a manageable, user-friendly experience with this step-by-step tutorial on how to create a multi-step form.

The UI Development Mentoring program

I have decided to give it a shot with a brand new mentoring program for UI development. Fill out the form today!

How to animate SVG signature

Animate an SVG signature with JavaScript and CSS: calculate path length with JavaScript and animate strokes with CSS.

2019 lookback

Reflect on my past year with 2019 Lookback. Read about the challenges, accomplishments and lessons learned during the whole year.

How I built my second Progressive Web App (PWA)

As of today, my side project Code Line Daily is available as a Progressive Web App. This post is a sequel to my previous PWA post.

How I built my first Progressive Web App (PWA)

As of today, my site is available as a Progressive Web App. In this post, you would learn more about how and why I added this exciting feature to my site.

Interview for Remote Working Hub

Remote Work Hub
I shared my personal experiences to help you work remotely successfully on Remote Working Hub.

What I learned from my GitHub profile

GitHub profile reveals how often do you contribute, and what kind of projects do you like. Here's what I learned from my GitHub profile.

A Comparison of Static Form Providers

CSS Tricks
Find the best static form provider for your needs with this review of the most popular options. Get help with validation, storage, notifications, and more.

My favorite Chrome extensions for web development

Essential for web development, web browsers offer extensions to improve web products. I use Chrome and prefer these extensions.

Announcing Code Line Daily

Last week I launched Code Line Daily, a project featuring new frontend, PHP, and WordPress code every day. Learn how I built it.

My favorite Netlify features

CSS Tricks
Experience the magic of JAMstack development with Netlify. See why this platform is a standout choice for developers in 2019.

How to add a contact form to a static website

Add a static website contact form with ease using Kwes form builder. Follow this tutorial to learn how.

My second year of freelancing

About two year ago, I started with a freelance career. Here is what I have been doing, what did I learn and which problems I stumbled upon.

Oh, the many ways to make triangular breadcrumb ribbons!

CSS Tricks
Create a stylish row of links that interconnect with chevron-like shapes and notches using this simple tutorial.

5 things to consider when creating your CSS style guide

CSS style guides play a crucial role in any project. Keep these 5 things in mind when working with them for better results.

Bookmarks, Saves, Hearts, Stars, Claps

Discover the benefits of keeping your online bookmarks organized and explore the different ways you can save, heart, star, and clap your favorite content.

Custom WordPress theme development with SPRO

Learn how to create a custom WordPress theme with the Starter Project CLI (SPRO) package and improve your development process.

Introducing SPRO

SPRO, a Starter Project CLI, sets up your next project's perfect dev environment by understanding architecture and creating Gulp tasks.

Just my routine as a remote worker

Successful remote work requires routine and discipline. Here's my recipe for balancing clients, projects, and skills.

2018 lookback

It is the beginning of the new year, and it is time to look back to 2018, but from a technology perspective. I have learned a lot, here are my findings.

Building an animated sticky header with custom offset

Position: sticky allows for CSS-only sticky elements, but animating stucked element couldn't be done without JavaScript.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma naming convention

Discover the Alpha, Beta, Gamma naming convention and how it can help you in your web development projects in this in-depth article.

If you are starting a new website, consider using Hugo

Not only Hugo is “the world’s fastest framework for building websites,” it is also packed with powerful features that makes website development very pleasable.

Roadmap, September 2018.

I built a career roadmap to remind myself of the importance of planning. Keeping track of the vision is key, even if not every goal is met.

Using CSS Grid where appropriate (revisited)

Revisiting the “Using CSS Grid where appropriate” article where you'll find a solution for navigation with variable number of items.

Overview of popular Static Site Generators

Discover why serving static HTML files is a smart move for improved caching, faster load times, and enhanced security. See how static page generators differ.

The essential skill of a developer

Being a developer requires specific skills and tools. I realized what the essential skill for one developer is.

My first year of freelancing

About a year ago, I started with a freelance career. This experience has changed me as a professional, but also as a person.

Starter Project - Gulp tasks for CSS

This article is part of a series about Starter Project, and this time I will explain all about Gulp tasks for CSS.

Starter Project - A set of the latest best practices packed in Gulp tasks

Discover the latest best practices for web dev with Starter Project. A set of Gulp tasks that simplify the process and help you get up and running quickly.

Classily.js - Toggling classes more classily

I made a Classily.js plugin for elegant class toggling. Simple yet powerful, it can solve complex tasks when used correctly.

From WordPress to Hexo

Get a fast, lightweight website with a static site generator. Find out how these systems compile templates into static HTML pages.

Fixing Google Analytics caching issue

Achieving a perfect score on Google PageSpeed Insights can be challenging, especially with Google Analytics on the website. The solution is here.

Using CSS Grid where appropriate

I recently redesigned my blog and learned many things about CSS Grid along the way. Read all about my findings.

How to create crooked shadow

I recently worked on a challenging project and had to add a shadow on a crooked border. Here is how I made it.

_bem - WordPress theme with BEM methodology

Discover the power of BEM in building WordPress themes with this comprehensive guide. Learn how to create clean and organized code with BEM methodology.

CSS sidebar toggle

Making web components shouldn't be a hard task. Learn how to make CSS-only sidebar toggle accessibible by adding a small JavaScript code snippet.

Angular dragtable

Explore how to implement drag and drop functionality for tables with large amount of row in Angular with the Angular Dragtable library.

Recursively includible Angular directive

Recently I worked on an Angular project with a requirement for a form based on an MVC model. I created a directive to generate a form for every complex models.

How to automate development with Atom

Automating dev processes is key, but the multitude of tools available can be overwhelming and time-consuming to learn. Here's how to do it in Atom IDE.

CSS tabs, part II: Accessibility

I wrote about CSS tabs, which was popular and gained many visitors. Surprised by accessibility comments, I investigated and added accessibility to my solution.

How to handle keybindings in Atom

Recent Atom articles discussed packages for easier work. But what if a keybinding is already in use by another package?

How to make tabs using only CSS

There are two basic approaches for developing CSS tabs: using target pseudo selector and list with checked pseudo selector.

How to lint inside Atom

Lint, linter, linting? What is it and why you should use it? I'll try to show you how Atom linter packages could save you a lot of development time.

Perfect local server with Atom

As an experienced developer, I seek simple solutions for most tasks and found them in Atom for streamlined development.

Github Atom minimap packages

One of the most popular features for Atom out there is a minimap. It's a code preview in a small sidebar window.

Github Atom Git packages

Developers often rely on a version control system and one of the most popular is Git. Explore Git packages for the Atom IDE.

First steps with Github Atom

This is the first article in a series about my perfect Atom setup. First topic is installation and initial setup.