Services I provide

I have been working with web technologies since 2012. During this period, I acquired a certain set of skills for building websites.

Static Site Generators

There has been a global trend for static sites in recent few years. I have been lucky to recognize that trend and started to learn more about it back in 2017. I have build more than a few static site using Jekyll, Hugo, Hexo, and 11ty, like Westwing, Domino Data Lab, and Han Han Xue.

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WordPress is still number 1 framework for building sites in the world. Buying a theme for WordPress is easy, but I always recommend developing a new theme from scratch. I have build several custom themes, like the ones for Credit Card Insider, Irina & Matej, and Trase Yearbook 2018.

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PageSpeed Optimizations

Did you know that Google penalizes sites which are not very performant? For that reason, it is important have a fast site that follow the latest best practices, like Core Web Vitals. I have been optimizing PageSpeed score for several sites, including my own.

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In 2016, I started to blog about my work. Since then, my writing skills improved greatly and I have been publishing articles for publications like Smashing Magazine, CSS Tricks, LogRocket, and Toptal.

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