I have been working with web technologies since 2011. During this period, I acquired a certain set of skills for building better websites.

Hereā€™s the list of services that I could offer you:

  • Build new website with Hugo,
  • Build new website with Jekyll,
  • Build new website with Middleman,
  • Build new website with Hexo,
  • Configure Netlify CMS,
  • Configure Netlify,
  • Build new website with WordPress,
  • Create new WordPress theme from scratch,
  • Make adjustments or updates to existing WordPress website,
  • Convert design to HTML: PSD, Sketch, InVision, Figma, etc.,
  • Create styleguide for your project,
  • Produce highly maintainable stylesheets using CSS, Sass or Less,
  • Create layout using CSS Grid or Flexbox,
  • Break CSS for Above the fold using Critical CSS,
  • Add custom animations,
  • BEMify your project,
  • Implement modular scale and fluid typography,
  • Create interactive experience using JavaScript,
  • Add cross browser compatibility,
  • Make your website accessible,
  • Implement coding standards for better code formatting,
  • Create fluid development environment using Webpack, Gulp, and Grunt,
  • Optimize your website for PageSpeed Insights (and similar page scoring apps),
  • Improve performance of your website using CloudFlare,
  • Add version control on your project using Git,
  • Apply git-glow for branching model,
  • Use semantic versioning,
  • Use template engines to create HTML dynamically,
  • Implement srcset or Picturefill for responsive images,
  • Add advanced techiques for lazy loading of images, and
  • Many more.

Many of the aforementioned services are used on this website. You could learn more about it in the article I wrote, ā€œHow I built this websiteā€.

If you want to hire me, go to Hire me page. If you want to know which devices and tools I use in my everyday tasks, read about it here.

Got questions? Or projects? I would like to learn more. Contact me today!

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