From Testimonials

Here are some kind words about my work from clients.

I collaborated with clients from more than 10 countries, from Germany and Spain to The United States.

All endorsements have been verified on my LinkedIn profile.

John Ganotis profile photo.

John Ganotis

Founder at Credit Card Insider

Silvestar is amazing. He is fast, and the work he produces is among the highest quality work...

Evan Lavidor profile photo.

Evan Lavidor

Partner & Executive Director at BEAM

We've worked with Silvestar on several projects, and he's been a pleasure to work with...

Jana Bartels profile photo.

Jana Bartels

Chief Operating Officer at Wunder Mobility

Silvestar is a very accomplished web dev who always wants to find the best possible...

Cory Schmidt profile photo.

Cory Schmidt

Chief Revenue Officer at Wunder Mobility

Silvestar is a thought-leader in web development, and his work reflects it...

Mara Franke profile photo.

Mara Franke

Head of Marketing at Wunder Mobility

Silvestar is a talented, dedicated, and knowledgeable web developer...

Katie Long profile photo.

Katie Long

Product Marketing Manager at Wunder Mobility

It has been a pleasure working with Silvestar on various web development projects...

Rosa Cruz profile photo.

Rosa Cruz

Marketing manager at Wunder Mobility

Silvestar demonstrated to be one of the most talented, efficient, motivated, and...

Christine White profile photo.

Christine White

Director of Web Strategy at DDL

Silvestar is diligent, focused, quick, and always willing to go the extra mile...

Sarah Gates profile photo.

Sarah Gates

Director of Product Marketing at DDL

Silvestar was very quick to respond to requests, dependable, and communicated well...

Bob Laurent profile photo.

Bob Laurent

Sr. Director of Product Marketing at DDL

Silvestar is a highly talented web developer that I was fortunate enough to work with...

David Schulman profile photo.

David Schulman

Senior Manager of Partner Marketing at DDL

Silvestar was INSTRUMENTAL in some of my first big wins...

Ryan Kelly profile photo.

Ryan Kelly

Vice President Growth Marketing at DDL

Silvestar was always responsive, proactive, and his work product was top-notch...

Aditya Shah profile photo.

Aditya Shah

MarketingOps Leader at DDL

Silvestar was an outstanding collaborator, supremely dependable doer...

Stephanie (Annie) Andrews profile photo.

Stephanie (Annie) Andrews

Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager at DDL

Silvestar did a great job keeping up with all of the web updates we needed in a very timely fashion...

Edo Liberty profile photo.

Edo Liberty

Founder, CEO, and Scientist at Pinecone

Super fast and responsive, great eye for esthetics, quality web development...

Grigoriy Kogan profile photo.

Grigoriy Kogan

VP of Marketing at Pinecone

When I'm asked to recommend a web developer, Silvestar is the first name that comes to mind...

Adam Maschek profile photo.

Adam Maschek

CTO at Westwing

It was a pleasure to work with Silvestar. He delivered the project on time with good quality...

Denise Weidlich profile photo.

Denise Weidlich

Product Manager eCommerce at Westwing

It was a pleasure to work with Silvestar. The collaboration between us during our...

Theresa Kneißle profile photo.

Theresa Kneißle

Product Manager eCommerce at Westwing

Excited to have worked alongside Silvestar during our implementation of a new ATS...

Karim Mansi profile photo.

Karim Mansi

eCommerce Product Manager at Westwing

Communication with Silvestar was straightforward, clear and reliable. He was...

Rachel Ivey profile photo.

Rachel Ivey

Product Manager at Westwing

Silvestar was extremely professional, capable, responsive, and very pleasant to work with...

Rebecca Jacobs profile photo.

Rebecca Jacobs

Marketing Manager at CodeScan

Worked with Silvestar to optimize our website! He did a great job implementing...

Will O'Brien profile photo.

Will O'Brien

DevOps Consultant at CodeScan

Silvestar is knowledgeable, easy to work with and will always go the extra mile...

Pablo Pareja Tobes profile photo.

Pablo Pareja Tobes

Project Manager at Vizzuality

Silvestar was professional and had a very good attitude during all time...

Han Han Xue profile photo.

Han Han Xue

Product Designer at Lyft

Silvestar was able to consistently meet if not exceed expectations...