I am Silvestar and I have been building modern, responsive and optimized websites since 2012

using the best coding practices to deliver the best experience for every user.

From the Portfolio

Here are the projects that I am most proud. Built with WordPress, Shopify, Jekyll, and Hugo, among others.

From Testimonials

Here are some kind words about my work from clients. Although I collaborated with clients from more than 10 countries, most of them come from The United States.

Rebecca Jacobs

Rebecca Jacobs

Marketing Manager at CodeScan

Worked with Silvestar to optimize our website! He did a great job implementing changes quickly...

Evan Lavidor

Evan Lavidor

Partner & Executive Director at BEAM Interactive

We've worked with Silvestar on several projects, and he's been a pleasure to work with...

John Ganotis

John Ganotis

Founder at Credit Card Insider

Silvestar is amazing. He is fast, and the work he produces is among the highest quality work...

Edo liberty

Edo liberty

Founder, CEO, and Scientist at Pinecone

Super fast and responsive, great eye for esthetics, quality web development...

Grigoriy Kogan

Grigoriy Kogan

Growth Consultant at Domino Data Lab

When I'm asked to recommend a web developer, Silvestar is the first name that comes to mind...

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From Publications

Here are the posts that I wrote for some prominent publications. I wrote for CSS Tricks, LogRocket, and Toptal.

Tools for Auditing CSS

CSS Tricks ⇢ publications css javascript
Auditing CSS is not a common task in a developer's everyday life, but sometimes you just have to do it. To do it, I usually reach for some of the tools I'll cover in the article.
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How to Get Sticky and Full-Bleed Elements to Play Well Together

CSS Tricks ⇢ publications css
I had a unique requirement the other day: to build a layout with full-bleed elements while one element stays stuck to the top.
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How to create a multi-step form the easy way

DEV ⇢ publications spg ssg kwes
A multi-step form is a long-form that is broken into pieces. Learn how I add one to my site.
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Interview for Remote Working Hub

Remote Work Hub ⇢ publications freelance remote work
Remote Working Hub is a place where you could find useful information about remote working. I have been asked to share my remote working experiences. I said to myself, why not.
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A Comparison of Static Form Providers

CSS Tricks ⇢ publications serverless spg ssg
Static Form Providers do all tasks like validating, storing, sending notifications, and integrating with other APIs. Read the review of the most popular static form providers.
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From the Blog

Here are the latest posts from my blog. I cover mostly frontend, JAMstack, and freelancing topics.

You don’t need React for building websites

javascript web development
As I get more experienced, I use fewer libraries and frameworks and rely on good old HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript. I think you should consider doing the same.
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The evolution of the design of my site

web design web development
As any self-respected developer, I redesigned my site many times. I thought it would be fun to document all these designs and see the evolution.
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What does “it depends” mean in web development

freelance remote work mentoring
I have been in numerous situations where my answer to a client’s question was: “it depends.” But what does that seemingly simple phrase mean in web development? Let’s try to find out.
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First Year of UI Dev Newsletter

After the first anniversary of the UI Dev Newsletter, I wanted to share how and why I am running it. Read the whole story and get some useful links.
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You want enabling CSS selectors, not disabling ones

An enabling selector is what I call selectors that do a job without disabling the particular rule.
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From Side Projects

Sometimes I like to work on side projects in my spare time. These are my open-source side projects.