Cory Schmidt
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Cory Schmidt

Chief Revenue Officer at Wunder Mobility.

Silvestar has been our web developer at Wunder Mobility for the past year. In that time, I’ve found him to be diligent, highly talented, hard working, collaborative and self-motivated.

When Silvestar took over our domain, it had multiple technical issues and was on an outdated CMS. He quickly made progress and improved our technical set up making iterative gains each week. At the same time, he worked together with our Creative team to improve the design of the website. He was able to not only collaborate with designers but had synergy and helped improve the overall UI and UX.

Silvestar is a thought-leader in web development, and his work reflects it. His knowledge goes beyond development of websites and extends into areas like technical SEO and backend development. He assisted on Google Ads and CRM connection projects that were vital to our success.

Silvestar is a great developer to work with, and I recommend him to any Marketing team.

From Testimonials

Here are some kind words about my work from clients. Although I collaborated with clients from more than 10 countries, most of them came from The United States and Germany.