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Screenshot of Little Bundle website.

Little Bundle

Little Bundle is a US-based company with a mission to maximize children's' health by making high-quality formula easily accessible, from the moment you’re ready to transition from or supplement breastfeeding. The site runs on Shopify.


  • Implemented version control system.
  • Helped set up multiple instances for easier code delivery using Theme Kit.
  • Migrated content away from page builder.
  • Developed new Shopify features.
  • Customized Shopify theme.

From the Portfolio

Here are the projects that I am most proud. Built with WordPress, Shopify, Jekyll, and Hugo, among others.

Credit Card Insider
wordpress styleguide html css javascript
Domino Data Lab
spg ssg jekyll styleguide html css javascript
Domino Data Lab Pop-up
wordpress html css javascript
Domino Data Lab Rev
jekyll spg ssg html css javascript
spg ssg hugo html css javascript
styleguide html css javascript