Screenshot of Irina and Matej website.

Irina and Matej

Irina and Matej are wedding and portrait photographers based in Croatia and travelling the world. The site runs on WordPress, DigitalOcean, and Cloudflare.


  • Installed a new WordPress instance.
  • Designed and developed a new WordPress theme from scratch twice.
  • Optimized assets delivery.
  • Used the latest best practices for boosting the site speed.
  • Hosted the website on DigitalOcean.
  • Used Cloudflare to improve the security and performance.

From Testimonials

Here are some kind words about my work from clients. Although I collaborated with clients from more than 10 countries, most of them came from The United States and Germany.

From the Portfolio

Here are the projects that I am most proud. Built with WordPress, Shopify, Eleventy, Jekyll, and Hugo, among others.