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Bookmarks, Saves, Hearts, Stars, Claps

I realized that I rarely use bookmarks, but I still bookmark interesting sites, projects, or tools. I guess this is because my browser is displaying bookmarked pages first in the suggestions which could be very useful when you know only part of the title or a domain.

Search bar with bookmark suggestions.

Since I am using only dozens of bookmarked links, I thought I could share the exported bookmark file with the community, before I clean them up. There are many interesting, useful, and not-so-useful links here. You could see it in your browser.

If you think this list is enormous, you should see the export from my Pocket application. In fact, you could see it here. I started to save the links in 2012, and I stopped last year. During that time I have collected more than two thousand links. Some of them are outdated today, but some are evergreen. Some of them are rubbish, some of them are gold. The list is just too big to review it. The shocking part is that I have read a vast majority of those links. 😱

I like to star GitHub projects, save CodePens, clap Medium stories, like Tweets, and love tracks, too. Also, I am an excellent follower: I follow more than 3000 authors on CodePen, Medium, and Twitter combined. If you write it and I read it, you will get notified about it. I also like to share all of my findings on Twitter. I must say this practice helped me a few times when I needed to find a specific article. But this happens very rarely. I still have not found a useful way how to benefit from these links yet, except acquired knowledge and experience. 🤷‍♂

Do you have a similar experience? Or is it just me? 🤔