How do I explain to my friends what I do?

My friends, who don't code, sometimes ask me what I do for a living, and I usually answer that I build websites.

That is usually not a good enough explanation, so I need to elaborate more by saying that I build a user interface part of the website. If that is not enough, I tell them I put color to sites and build components like header or footer. Here is where the discussion mostly ends (possibly because people often lose interest at this point).

In some sporadic cases, I need to elaborate even more. Then I explain the database, the backend code, and how I don't do any of that stuff anymore. I also try to explain web applications and how I don't do any of that stuff anymore. Finally, I open a web browser and show how the web page consists of different components, like navigation, hero section, cards, etc. I explain how I am responsible for making all these components work in other browsers and devices. That usually does it.

Then, after a few months, these friends ask me all these questions again. And then, I tell them that I build websites. Sometimes, when I am amused by this question, I add that I do it with my magic fingers and brain.


I do CSS and HTML for a living sticker.

I like my Smashing Magazine sticker that says it nicely: I do HTML and CSS for a living. I wish everyone knows what it means.