First steps with Github Atom

First steps with Github Atom

This is the first article in a series about my perfect Atom setup. First topic is installation and initial setup.

Github Atom installation

Github Atom is my first choice text editor. I know that there are faster and more stable text editor out there, but I prefer open source solutions.

To install Github Atom, go to and download the installer. If youā€™re like me and you prefer latest features, you could use beta version by visiting

First package

After youā€™ve installed Atom, you should install your first packageā€”sync-settings.

sync-settings is used to synchronize almost all of your editorā€™s settings. It is a very good starting point when youā€™re reinstalling Atom or installing Atom on a different device. It saved me plenty of time back in the day.

sync-settings installation

First, open Atom settings. Iā€™m a Windows user and default shortcut for Windows is ctrl-,. Go to Install, make sure youā€™re on Packages tab, type in ā€œsync-settingsā€ and press Enter.

To install sync-settings, find package in a list (should be first on the list) and then click Install button.

Sync-settings installation.

sync-settings configuration

To configure sync-settings, you should have Github account. If you donā€™t have one already, create a new one, itā€™s free.

After youā€™ve installed sync-settings package, click on Settings. In order to make your first backup, you should fill Personal Access Token and Gist Id. If youā€™re not familiar with this terms, please refer to sync-settings Setup section.

Sync-settings configuration.

sync-settings usage

Now, you should make your first backup.

Open command palette by pressing ctrl-shift-p, enter ā€œsync-settingsā€, select Sync Settings: Backup and press Enter.

Sync-settings in action.

Youā€™ve successfully created your first Atom settings backup.

Whenever you install new package, edit or add new snippet or change shortcut, donā€™t forget to make a backup of your settings.

If you have Atom installed on different device, sync-settings package should prompt you to restore your latest settings. That way youā€™re always in sync.

Final thought

I hope you found this article useful. For more articles, you should follow me on Twitter or checkout my Medium page.


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