The goal of The UI Development Mentoring Program is to help everyone become a better UI developer.

Once you signup for the program, we are starting a special kind of relationship.

The relationship should be considered as a two-way street: we should establish mutual respect and trust.

Once we have that, I would be happy to help you by providing answers and examples.

You could choose between two different programs: skills improvement and career guidance.

There no better time than now, so go ahead and apply for the program.

Join the program

The mission

The mission of this project is to make every mentee a better UI developer by providing career guidance or by improving the skillset.

If you need career guidance, I could offer you examples from my careers. Having a mentor is a priviledge and should be considered as such.

How it works

The UI Development Mentoring Program is all about you: your career, your skillset, your learning process, your questions and your problems. Once you apply and we agree to start the program, you could schedule a session during which we could talk about anything: we could discuss your projects, you could ask me questions or share your dilemmas and struggles. I would do my best to help you overcome your fears and problems by providing answers from my perspective.

Before you apply, I need you to fill out some information about your current skill level. After this, we should have an initial 15-minute session. After the meeting, I would get a better comprehension of how this relationship is going to work.

The first session is entirely free, but every other meeting would be charged. The details about the pricing would be provided after you apply for the program.

You could get as many sessions as you want (but not more than two per week) as long as I am available. To be more efficient, you should prepare all the questions and topics in advance, and I would try to answer everything concisely.

During the session, try to be as concise and short as possible to get the most of each session. Ask only relevant questions. Be prepared; it is your money after all.

I am also opened to any suggestions, so feel free to share your ideas.

Happy coding!