Learning new skills or entering web development world in this fast-moving branch could be a daunting task and decision. I have been lucky to start learning web development in a very friendly environment. I have learned all about web development while being mentored, which made the process a lot enjoyable and more relaxed. As I gained confidence, I was able to resolve more complex tasks and problems. Having a person who understands a developer’s path has been crucial in my career.

I am here to offer you the same experience. I have been in the web development industry since 2011, and I could help you find your place in the web development world. Are you ready to start the journey with me?

Learn more about the program by reading the introductinary blog post.

Get to know me better by checking the about page or hire me page.

Career mentoring means I help you make decisions regarding your career.

Technical mentoring means I help you gain new skills or improve the current skill level.

Headshot of myself, Silvestar Bistrović.Avatar of myself, Silvestar Bistrović.

Silvestar Bistrović

Web developer since 2012

  • Frontend
  • User Interface
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • JAMstack
  • WordPress
  • Fearless web engineer

  • CSS developer

  • JAMstack enthusiast

  • WordPress theme specialist

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