I am available for hire

If you want me on your team, you should send me an email at me@silvestar.codes. I'm also available on Toptal. You will benefit from my experience and services that I could provide.

If you want me on your team, you should contact me. I'm also available on Toptal. You will benefit from my experience and services that I could provide.

Why me

I've been working with web technologies since 2011. I first started as a PHP developer in 2012. We were a small team of 2 and we worked on various projects like:

  • building custom CMS for websites;
  • building custom CRM solutions;
  • building application for a call center;
  • building websites for local companies;
  • and much more.

During this time I started to work with front-end technologies, especially with CSS and jQuery. Although jQuery was fun to play with, I always preferred HTML and CSS. Creating new user interface was and still is my primary passion. But at that time I had to do that by using float grid system. Luckily enough, Bootstrap was invented and we were saved. Soon after that preprocessors gained in popularity, I had to learn how to use them. We started with AngularJS as well. Then I realized that I'm not enjoying working with PHP as much as I enjoy working with front-end technologies.

In 2015, I was lucky enough to find a new job. I became a front-end developer in a big local firm with a global market. We were working on an enterprise dairy industry application. We worked in teams and my job was to create pages for a web application. In order to this more efficiently, I've built a styleguide. With a little help of my front-end colleagues, we created a maintainable architecture for both the application and the styleguide. We were working with JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS. I really learned a lot from that experience.

In 2015 friends asked me to build a website. They were starting with their wedding photography business. Back then I was ambitious (and stupid) enough and I was trying to build my own CSM solution from scratch. I succeeded but I was the only person who was able to use it. When friends needed a new blog post, I had to do it. It wasn't the perfect solution, but I was proud. And I'm glad I went down that road because I learned a lot. The biggest lesson was the most obvious one: Please stop reinventing the wheel, Silvestar!

In 2016 I wanted to start my own blog. It was my great desire for a long time but I was afraid. But fear isn't necessarily the bad thing.

“Fear is a compass-a signal that you might be on the verge of doing something worthwhile.”

— Source: http://weekjuice.com/#/16

And it happened, I started a blog. I used WordPress as a blogging engine. I always work with performance on my mind so I tried to make my blog as fast as possible. I managed to create a pretty fast website using _bem - WordPress theme with BEM methodology. As icing on the cake, the content from my website got recognized and even featured on CSS Weekly: Issue #237, Issue #258, and Issue #277.

My WordPress project was successful and I wanted to create the same experience for my photographer friends. We switched to WordPress and I created a beautiful new theme from scratch. The performance of the site was good enough. More importantly, now friends could publish the content by themselves.

In 2017 I was still working on my regular job. And then in February, the company was shut down. That was a huge shock. After the notice period expired, I've applied for Toptal and became a Toptaler. In May I founded a new company, Cita d.o.o. During this period I was learning about static page generators. I decided it was time to switch my blog to Hexo. I wrote an article about how I built this website.

My first job on Toptal was to build static pages for a German based company. I really enjoyed working on that gig. The team was fantastic and we built several pages using SVG, Sass, Webpack, and Yarn, to list the most important ones. And we built a styleguide. I think it is important to have a styleguide both for designers and developers. It was a great challenge to build this kind of website because it looks so simple, yet it is not simple at all.

I've worked on all sorts of projects and I'm still learning new technologies and techniques every day. I love my job and I like to think that I'm good at it. At least I'm trying to be.

Until this day I've learned to deal with many different problems and tasks. You could check which services I could provide for you.